Middle of the linked list

作者:sryan 更新时间:13 天前 分类:数据结构与算法

Given a non-empty, singly linked list with head node head, return a middle node of linked list. If t...

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Leaf-Similar Trees

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Consider all the leaves of a binary tree. From left to right order, the values of those leaves form ...

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Binary gap

作者:sryan 更新时间:13 天前 分类:数据结构与算法

Given a positive integer N, find and return the longest distance between two consecutive 1's in the ...

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Transpose matrix

作者:sryan 更新时间:13 天前 分类:数据结构与算法

Given a matrix A, return the transpose of A. The transpose of a matrix is the matrix flipped over it...

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Design hashset

作者:sryan 更新时间:13 天前 分类:数据结构与算法

Design a HashSet without using any built-in hash table libraries. To be specific, your design should...

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Binary search

作者:sryan 更新时间:13 天前 分类:数据结构与算法

这题是基础题,但是细节挺多的,先上题目 Given a sorted (in ascending order) integer array nums of n elements and a targe...

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Search in a binary search tree

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-04-07 15:54 分类:数据结构与算法

这题没难度,首先看下题目: Given the root node of a binary search tree (BST) and a value. You need to find the no...

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N-ary Tree Preorder Traversal

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-04-07 15:40 分类:数据结构与算法

这题的数据结构还是上一题的,很简单,熟悉二叉树遍历的看一眼就写出来了。先看题目: Given an n-ary tree, return the preorder traversal of its n...

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Maximum Depth of N-ary Tree

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-04-07 15:31 分类:数据结构与算法

先看题目 Given a n-ary tree, find its maximum depth. The maximum depth is the number of nodes along the ...

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Shortest Completing Word

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-04-07 12:03 分类:数据结构与算法

这题没啥好说的,但是我理解题意理解了好久。。。 Find the minimum length word from a given dictionary words, which has all th...

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