Long Pressed Name

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-27 10:54 分类:数据结构与算法

Your friend is typing his name into a keyboard. Sometimes, when typing a character c, the key might ...

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Sort Array By Parity II

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-27 10:28 分类:数据结构与算法

Given an array A of non-negative integers, half of the integers in A are odd, and half of the intege...

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Reverse Only Letters

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-27 09:57 分类:数据结构与算法

Given a string S, return the "reversed" string where all characters that are not a letter ...

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X of a Kind in a Deck of Cards

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 18:51 分类:数据结构与算法

In a deck of cards, each card has an integer written on it. Return true if and only if you can choos...

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Smallest Range I

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 18:07 分类:数据结构与算法

Given an array A of integers, for each integer A[i] we may choose any x with -K <= x <= K, and...

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Sort Array By Parity

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 17:24 分类:数据结构与算法

Given an array A of non-negative integers, return an array consisting of all the even elements of A,...

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Increasing Order Search Tree

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 17:09 分类:数据结构与算法

Given a binary search tree, rearrange the tree in in-order so that the leftmost node in the tree is ...

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Monotonic Array

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 16:30 分类:数据结构与算法

An array is monotonic if it is either monotone increasing or monotone decreasing. An array A is mono...

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Fair Candy Swap

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 16:13 分类:数据结构与算法

Alice and Bob have candy bars of different sizes: A[i] is the size of the i-th bar of candy that Ali...

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Uncommon Words from Two Sentences

作者:sryan 更新时间:2020-05-26 15:18 分类:数据结构与算法

We are given two sentences A and B. (A sentence is a string of space separated words. Each word cons...

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